domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

PEACE DAY, February 30th, 2010

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Throughout the school day last Friday, our students participated in the sports circuit, ''Sports for Peace.'' Through this sports circuit we wanted to connect our Peace Project with the Comenius Project, both equally important to our students. The Comenius Project is being carried out in conjunction with a school from Oxford and a school from Frankfurt.
In the sports circuit, the students worked on building habits which emphasized respect, necessary in order to have positive relationships with one another. Thus, our planned games were based on four habits that are fundamental in their development as people and as members of an educational institution:

1. Know how to line up without any problems, fights or distractions.
2. Know how to walk in order and silence throughout the school hallways.
3. Know to be quiet when a teacher, administrator, or other classmate is speaking.
4. Understand written texts in order to be able to resolve any problems posed during their academic and personal lives.

If you want to read more about the rules and the games we played, click here

In addition, prior to the Peace Day celebrations, students made and decorated “pinwheels for peace”, sending a message of peace and love to people around the world. They played with their friends, worked and sang together, all in the name of peace.

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